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Ismail Gerami’s open letter

 I, Ismail Gerami, a retired worker in a cardboard box factory; who wanted to increase his and other retirees' salaries in accordance with the law and participated in legal gatherings of retirees; have been convicted under the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and sentenced to 4 years in prison. I have been four month in Greater Tehran prison.

Where in the world is a 66-year-old retiree who is suffering from different illnesses like  epilepsy, prostate, back pain, toothache is convicted of imprisonment only for protesting against non-payment of wages and participating in rallies?

The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is treating a retiree in such a way while the claim of respect for his human rights has deafened the ears of the world.

The Greater Tehran Prison, where I am being held, is an example of a prison in Iran that does not have drinking water and the prisoner has to buy it himself. It is even very low quality in terms of food. In some cases, prisoners have to buy materials and cook them.

In 'Greater Tehran Prison', there is not even hot water suitable for bathing.

  I,  Ismail Gerami, was the voice of retirees and I expect all retirees, colleagues, friends and acquaintances to be my voice and translate this letter into any language they can and send it to the unions and trade unions of different countries as well as the human rights organization to let the world know that the claim of respect for human rights of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is nothing but a lie.

Ismail Gerami

Retired worker

Greater Tehran prison

Dec 27 2021

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